Sunday, January 07, 2007

Eureka #1

Every time someone leaves a comment on a piece on my blog I get an email telling me that someone has left a comment on a piece on my blog.

Which got me to thinking...

I wonder if there's a thing, like a thing with a special name, where you can register your email address on a blog in a special section, like a special section with a special name, so that you get an email every time a new piece appears on that blog?

Obviously if you got an email saying that I had just posted this piece you'd probably be a bit gutted, but at least technology of this kind would stop me having to look at this blog ten times a day just to see if something new is on there.

It probably does exist. I can't imagine that I've had an original idea. So if it exists, tell me where. And if it doesn't exist, invent such a thing. Please.



Anonymous said...

That would indeed be most useful.

Anonymous said...

try bloglines - you can subscribe to her blog and set an alert for new entries.

thegirl said...

Yes, subscribe to bloglines - I use it, it's great. All you do is click 'add new blog' and put in my blog address and the rest is done for you. Then every time I update (not often, sort of busy at the moment), it'll show you. And then you can click directly through to my blog from there, to read the whole thing.

Or, you could just check my blog ten times a day and keep up my traffic figures. ;-)

Quote said...

Thank you both.

Anonymous said...

I have often wondered the same thing. Bloglines it is then.

And hello!

Quote said...

Hello Iceland. Thanks for reminding me that I need to update my profile. I say remind, you didn't really remind me. And I say update, but really I mean start and complete.


Hello, and thank you.

Ordinary Girl said...

Ah! I feel in light of this post I need to explain myself...

No, I am not responsible for partridges, pear trees, or your great aunt's penchant for nutmeg and forgettable sentences!

I am though, responsible for what is probably a zillion (over exaggeration is an art you know!!) emails in your inbox.

Please accept my backdated apologies!