Monday, June 25, 2007

Blueprint (in pencil)

Laugh like polystyrene crows are down your throat
Wake to a world through syrup crescents
and translucent lashes
Cough up sand and solar flares
Talk to goats
Fall if you feel like falling
Smile with teeth you never knew were yours
through lips which demand others

Mixing blue and yellow is innovation
Try everything twice
because people make mistakes
Wear a hat like a wig
Follow leaders
Stare in belief
Watch your back if you lie in profile
You may be in every ounce of dust you've ever seen
Imagine doors as opportunities
Use gravity to your advantage
Trust isn't a last resort
Be a sponge for inspiration
and be a brick
Prostrate yourself before gold
Brown your belly with logic
and fill it with knowledge
Consume everything

Make sure it all folds
Quit and win with equal ease
Carry your heart inside a box inside a box
Sing louder than birds conning crickets
Keep you guessing
Remember the past as photographs
and how you appear in unfamiliar mirrors
Pen people in occasionally
Addict yourself to abstinence
Consider the sky for longer than is sensible
You still need a roof when you knock down walls
Failure is guaranteed
Rollercoasters aren't the best metaphor for life
You can put flip-flops on the wrong feet
Does your neighbour even have an ox?

Play on swings and roundabouts
Swim alone if you must
Use ambition like cutlery
Embrace extremes of temperature
Patches work
All grass is green
Make Chinese people speak up
Read between the lines of blank pages
Beware of shadows
Paint towns brighter than red
Sleep when you can
The smooth used to be rough
Best clothes become rags

Steal advice

Don't bring anything down from within
Think about it

Know how to look after yourself
Know when to stop



Ordinary Girl said...

Apologies, apologies my bloggy buddy, but desperate times call for desperate measures...

As such, I am now officially pimping my blog to remain in the Big Blogger house.

So please, please, please, head over here...

And vote for me to stay!! xx

(Oh, and get all your bloggy/email/real life/internet friends to vote for me too! Believe me, I need it!)

Anonymous said...

Keep "you" guessing. Yesss!

Anonymous said...

Do I get a nod for this?

me said...

something to mull over, quietly, with a smile.

D said...

totally unique, left me smiling.