Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Poem I knocked on the door
and he answered, with glee.
"My name is Paul Daniels."
"I'm Debbie Magee."
His wife hoved into view
and before I could speak
they'd both pulled me
and I 'stayed' for the week.

I was kept bound and gagged
(it might sound a bit tragic)
and while Deb gave me head
I had Paul
perform magic.
Twelve times daily they came,
so did I, half the time.
The fellatio "okay"
and Paul's magic, sublime.

I was spent come the end
of a harrowing week,
then they took off the gag
which allowed me to speak.
I nodded to Debbie
shook Paul's hand, hit the street,
then turned back (I'd remembered)
as I asked,
"Trick or Treat?"


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Quote said...

Danny Dyer fans know all about shit.


bittersweet me said...

terrifying (will i ever lose that image of paul and debbie standing in the doorway, waving you off?)