Thursday, September 07, 2006

Give it a name...

I'd imagined that having a blog was strictly the realm of geeks. Well, maybe I'm right. And it was suggested to me anyway. And I'm not doing this because I want to, far from it. And I'm rubbish at things like this. I've never kept a diary. Okay, I have, but this isn't a diary. Diaries are for telling yourself stuff, not other people, right? When was the last time you asked someone to look at your diary?

I'm uncomfortable writing to order, I can do it, but I've rarely tested myself to such an extent. I tend to rely on external inspiration rather than creating my own. Manufacturing inspiration is a wonderful gift and I'm hoping that this "experiment" will add this string to my bow. But, reader, that doesn't mean you should think of yourself as a guinea pig. I want this to be something that helps us both grow. And when I say "reader" I'm hoping there will be more than one, and when I say "both" I mean "all". Just don't expect me to be adding my minute-by-minute thoughts on here. It's unlikely that I'll be waxing lyrical on my trip to the shops, although I might, especially if I meet any dragons there.

Don't get me wrong though. Some of it will try to be interesting.

We claim to agonise over decisions. Stuff we've thought about for years, things we've contemplated for months. But decisions are made in a heartbeat, a split second. Only the moment after the decision has been made is relevant. Who cares about the time before? Even deciding not to do something is a decision which begets another.

Often you become your name. It can affect your personality, like your date of birth, or the demographic of your family. There were similarities between naming this blog and naming a child. The ability to change it, the idea that the name defines it, the concept that it becomes the name, that it becomes a "thing". Sometimes the story behind the name is as dull as the name itself.

So I'll spare you it.

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twit said...

Well, it kept me reading until the end & that's unusual as I hate most blog-waffle.

I shall say no more, for now.