Friday, February 23, 2007

Words #1

You should be grateful for the opportunity to say whatever you want to say and whatever you have to say. You should hate being edited or censored. You should abhor being banned or silenced.

You can't be responsible for how people react to what you say, and you can't always be held responsible. You put your thoughts out there. They're who you are, your very essence. And once those words are out there, for everyone to read, those words are there to be interpreted however anyone sees fit.

You don't need to back down from them if you know you're right.

You don't always have to compromise.

Because if you can't defend your words then you have absolutely nothing worth saying.

1 comment:

Ordinary Girl said...

Oh so true!

I am happy to defend all my previous comments, using the plea of temporary inanity. it's a curse!