Monday, March 05, 2007

Dream #1

I woke up in tears, thinking about my Dad. He'd been in my dreams again.

We'd argued and I didn't want to argue any more. Such an ultimately senseless waste of emotion. I don't remember what we'd argued about. Is that the thing about arguments or the thing about dreams?

We were both so angry that our bodies were frigid with frustration and rage.

And then.

When the argument plateaued.

When the last drops of ire were squeezed from it.

We caught each other's glare.

I thought I saw him blink, and leapt. I wrapped my arms around his torso, my body relaxed. He wouldn't hug me back at first. I embraced a manequin. Hard and cold and fixed and matt. But gradually I sensed his body soften, his arms around my shoulders, our heads at tangents, our minds united by love and history and blood. Then finally, before I woke up, I felt his chest against mine, a faint heartbeat, and we both gently started crying our apologies. Our clinch flooded with colour.


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Quote said...

It's great when people leave comments, but what is the point of anonymously posting "x"?

Fussy Bitch said...

And it wasn't even Valentines day...

That was heavy, in a good way.

Hotel was hot as hell!

You should post more often.

D said...

thats left me with a thousand thoughts and now won't leave me, if that makes sense?