Monday, April 30, 2007


There's no point talking
To me
I only see the things that I want
To See
It might look like I'm listening
But nothing you say
Can make me think in any sense
Except my way

There's no point talking
At all
Go have a conversation with a
Brick wall
It should seem like I care less
But probably don't
Don't try to think like I think
Because I won't

There's no point talking
Per se
It's nothing but a game that the
Humans play
Misused like a privilege
So go tell the birds
And don't forget that actions speak
Louder than words


Ordinary Girl said...

But they look so damn human!! Freaks me out a little I have to say. Well, enough to avoid 'Planet of the Apes' anyway!

OG said...

I'm back! Please recommence commentary :-)