Friday, April 27, 2007

Bite Me

Hollow me out
and stuff me
Put me in the oven
and bake me
Scrape my fingers pickle my eyes
Marinade my liver poach my thighs

Peel off my skin
and mash me
Mac├ędoine my tonsils
and baste me
Beat my buttocks curdle my cream
Microwave my nipples let off steam

Butter me up
and spread me
Roll me in some breadcrumbs
and fry me
Grate my earlobes boil my toes
Skewer my intestine up my nose

Flour my back
and whip me
Put me in a cupboard
and leave me
Soak my plums and grill my loins
Celebrate my pudding filled with coins

Now fold me in
and mix me
Put me in some foil
and roast me
Spice my kidneys batter my jaw
Barbecue my carcass

Want any more?


Anonymous said...

Kind of hungry now. Is that sick of me?

me said...

me too! hungry, that is. never read anything quite like it - but it works, somehow.

Ordinary Girl said...

Erm... just pass the plate right past me...

Angela-la-la said...

Tasty, very tasty.